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OK, so i bought [livejournal.com profile] silvolf    a logitech headset off of ebay around the first part of July, i originally was going to have a pair sent to me then i send it to her because shipping would be better. It took forever for the first headset to get here, then it turned out being broken, so i got a replacement, while they were sending the replacement, i bought from an ebay seller i have done business with before, reforger, a seller who sells refurbished items. and one of the items happened to be the headset i had my eyes on, i figured i'd spend a bit extra and get her a good pair. Anyway, i decided to send to her directly and pay for the shipping to her through the seller. A few days later it shows up at her house, and we start to skype on it. about 5 or 10 minutes into the conversation, all hell breaks loose, crosstalk, echos and LOUD crackling show up from her end of skype. I freak out because the worst possible scenario occurs. And so i contact reforger and basically they tell me to do everything that we tried to do as far as troubleshooting. So now im waiting for another reply back for them to authorize a return, so im gonna foot the bill on Silvolf's shipping and when i get a refund for the headset, im thinking of either sending the headset i have sitting next to me, or sending her the 45 dollars so she can either pick out a new headset of her own, or save it up for expenses she may have coming up. either way, im not giving up. and im not gonna get worked around. I want a refund, and i want  [livejournal.com profile] silvolf  to have a nice working headset. whatever it takes. :|
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Ahhhh....i need sleep...


May. 25th, 2009 02:38 pm
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Soooooo.....XD people need to get on here >8/
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Hmm.....im starting to like this place....of course everyone knows my screenname [personal profile] longbow986  tis me here! 


May. 24th, 2009 09:35 pm
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Such a tiring day, had my hopes got shot down for having a possible chance of seeing the shuttle streak through the sky this morning, unfortunately, Atlantis ended up at Edwards, but its a great thing that they got down =) @_@ im sleeeeeeeepy wtf
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Well, this is nice, i have to thank both [personal profile] kickthehobbit for the invite code, and [personal profile] sisterelwood for helping me find a code donor!

Yeah, so right now im just gonna do a quick check to make sure this thing works. So far so good. Now to get some rest before the shuttle does its reentry tomorrow (or just go play more GTA IV till then


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